Bond Bug ZZR1400 Project


Electic canopy lift

The canopy originally had a single hydraulic piston to manually lift it which caused in a lot of cases to put a bow in the middle of the structure.

This has been removed and two new matched electric actuators run in parallel have been bought to install in the side wings.

They are operated by a remote control fob and cannot lift unevenly if either is out of sync.

GLA1500-N High Force Low-Noise 12V DC Linear Actuator

Revised canopy positions and loadings.

I tested a GLA1500 300mm actuator and is was totally silent but far too big to fit under the Bug.

Now 2 x special actuators are being build with 150mm lift and a closed length of 265 mm.I have moved the actuators closer to the pivot point which give the two 250kg actuators a lift of

240kg toal at a 9 degree lean.

Bond Bug working drawing for actuator loadings, size and fitment have been revised.


The canopy weights 174 kg,  2 side doors weigh 8kg the pair , glass windscreen 7.1 kg. Total 189.1 kg.

This unit lifts 152kg so a pair will lift 304 kg.

As with most of their stock actuators this model has built-in limit switches at the ends of travel,

meaning the actuator should stop automatically at the fully retracted and the fully extended positions. 

Actuators are fob operated

Integrated Encoder

The actuator has a hall-sensor based quadrature encoder built-in to the motor. The encoder is powered by two of the six cores of the main cable (+Vcc Red, -GND Black) and can run from a DC supply of between 5-24V.

It has a dual-channel output (channel A Yellow lead, Channel B White lead), with each channel generating 26.1 pulses per millimetre of travel (4 pulses per motor revolution).

One of the channels is out of phase with the other, as such it is possible to tell both the speed (from pulse frequency) and direction (by reading the pulses of one channel and comparing it to the other) of the motor.

The nature of the signals that are generated is illustrated below. Given a maximum no-load travel rate of 10mm/s for the 12V motor (when at 12V) the pulse frequency may be up to 260Hz per channel

(or the frequency rate may be greater than this if your controller is counting all rising/falling edges as opposed to only HIGH/LOW signal state changes). 


The GLA1500-N model actuator is a compact-bodied and yet high force actuator capable of providing a pushing or pulling force up to a maximum of 1500N (152kg, 337lbs).

The travel speed is 10mm/s under no-load, reducing to 6mm/s under the full rated load.

This range offers exceptional build quality with an attractive mix of corrosion resistant materials used throughout the exterior.

Uniquely for an actuator of its size and layout (with motor parallel to the output) the transmission uses two worm-and-wheel reduction stages, making it one of the quietest compact-body actuators available at its force level.