Bond Bug ZZR1400 Project


MGTF rear suspension bits and foot brakes

Tilton three chamber, low profile brake fluid reservoir with -4JIC (7/16UNF) threaded outlets. Manufactured from Fibreglass reinforced nylon material,

this Tilton brake fluid reservoir can be used for both front and rear brakes and clutch all in one compact and neat unit.

Pedal box fibre glassed in

Pedal box fitted, brake pipe and clutch bulk head holes now drilled

Just got back a new custom made black pedal support frame from OPB that reduced its overall width by 16mm. They moved the right hand support web over as far as it could go without fouling on the cylinder gator.

I can now move the whole assembly over to the right to take it closer to the accelerator pedal. I have not drilled the pipework bulkhead holes yet in the fibreglass pedal box surround.


I used an amazing company 'Hel' that makes custom brakes pipes to exactly your spec, you choose the ends, angles of fittings, sleeving, pipe colours etc and it draws you pipework as you pick the parts you want.

I chose carbon fibre type and they even put on the bulkhead grommets as shown on the pipe work.

Click on the link below to take you to the braided pipe work builder page. Delivery is very quick also.

Brake pipe builder


Finished pedal box

Gel coated pedal box

Pedal box being moulded in fibre glass

Revised pedal box template made in plywood

New pedal box template made in plywood - ready for fibre glassing

Pedal box master cylinders replaced with remote reservoir type

Pedal assembly with the 3 master cylinders fitted and balance bar

Pedal box moved back after removing fibre glass

Started chopping body work to accomodate new pedal box.

New pedal box - slight chopping out of the body needed to fit

Existing pedal box


2 Pedal Systems (Brake & Clutch)

Now I converted the Bug to rear disc brakes I have to select a new balancing type pedal box with a two separate brake cylinders with different bores. I can also

add proportional and residual valves to balance the system after it is plumbed in. The pedal boxes also have an adjustable clutch stop which prevents over stroking.

OPB silver arm Approx Dimensions: Width 206mm, Pedal Height 280mm, Box Depth 140mm, Depth Including Master Cylinders 250mm.

Other Black arm Approx Dimensions: Width 210mm, Pedal Height 260mm, Box Depth 140mm.

Recommended master cylinder bore sizes

Front brake = .625
Rear Brake = .7
Clutch = .75


To covert the original fixed rear axle into an independent rear suspension set up I started with a BMW 316i LSD at the centre.

I selected MGTF rear hubs with BMW 316i half shafts. MGTF suspension arms and parts.

MGTF brake calipers with gold drilled and grooved disc's. Green type disc pads used

MDB1673 Mintex Brake Pads

All metal work was bead blasted and powder coated before final construction.

All custom metal work to support new structure was carried out by engineers at MD Cars Ardleigh

MGTF Rear upper arm

Arm assemble Lower rear




Front drum brake parts

Front hub drawing