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Quaife reversing gearbox - bike engines generally do not have a reverse gear so this unit allows a reverse speed up to 170 mph !!

QBE35G was developed by Quaife to provide a reverse gear solution for motorcycle engined cars running an in-line powertrain installation.

To avoid unnecessary power loss, QBE35G has been designed to be a ‘straight-through’ type when running in ‘forward’ mode, therefore absorbing less power than conventional designs. A compact, heavy duty unit, QBE35G features billet aluminium cases and uses readily available Ford English axle flanges.

Operated by a cable or other remote device via a short lever or optional longer lever (technical drawing at bottom of page), a Quaife breather bottle is also available as an option for QBE35G.

Key technical features of the QBE35G Quaife reversing differential unit include:-

• Designed for in-line use only
• Straight through design in forward mode to minimise power loss
• Uses billet aluminium cases
• Operated by short lever or optional longer lever (shown right)
• Weight only 8kg
• Over 1000 in use worldwide