Bond Bug ZZR1400 Project

My custom Bug back in 1984 at the Burford Micro Car Rally


I have owned TUF415J since 1983 when I bought her for a princely sum of £100 back then. It was in very poor shape and I spent the whole of the next year completely restoring it from scratch.

The original engine was a 700cc Reliant alloy engine developing 28bhp. I replaced it with an over-bored 850cc Reliant engine with as many performance upgrades I could do. I had a 'Mike the Pipe' extractor manifold and exhaust made,
engine head was skimmed and gas flowed, electronic ignition, twin 28/36 weber carbs fitted etc which after a rolling road test developed 60 bhp. In 1984 I attended the Burford Micro Car rally and won 1st price for concours.

I used the 'suped' up Bug as my daily mode of transport for many years until my gearbox failed and I was in the process of converting an 850 cable operated box to the Bug hydraulic type. Kids came along and the Bug never got put back on the road.

Now I have more time on my hands and more cash to spend I decided to completely restore the Bug but this time bringing it up to more modern performance and getting experts to make most the bits.

The result is a 200bhp Kawasaki ZZR1400 engined beast, into a Quaife reversing gearbox, into a BMW 316i limited slip diff with MGTF independent rear suspension.

Updated 20/7/21

Canopy air spoiler now bonded to canopy

Bearings fitted to steering shaft and loosly located in position on the Bug

Steering box conversion

Kawasaki ancillary wiring extended - pictures

Loosely plugged in the Kawa wiring loom to the engine - wiring up ancillary's

Electrics and Electronics

Added two new potential 2 pedal brake and clutch balanced bar set ups

MGTF swinging arms and disc brakes- foot pedals

Both of old rusty canopy side tubes have been cut out and replaced

Added Engine connections tab - trying to connect up all the pipes prior to starting

New UTO-VOX V5PRO OEM Mirror Dash cam added to wiring - cables now routed through fibre glass canopy.

Fibre optic head-lining lights power unit recessed into canopy

Alternator housing is now finished - latest pictures of black anodised finish

170 amp new external alternator

Bentley dash board button printed circuit boards sent of for redesign.

Dash board - Bentley Continental GT

New steering column splined shaft conversion made. New 'Oilite' custom made bearings have arrived

Steering box conversion

The links below that are active and have been uploaded

External air scoop mould made and fibre glassed for finished scoop

Scoop now taken out of mould and now glassed into final position

More shaping pictures added to internal air duct to accommodate canopy rubber seal

Test D profile canopy seal fitted

Body work

Added custom made steel boot lid with mesh insert to bodywork page

Current project is the bodywork +


+ New project - Rialto steering box to mini steering wheel set up, new splined shaft now machined

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Air filter

Bond Bug history

Body work

Custom made baffle sump

Custom made shock absorbers

Custom triple fan cooling and fuel tank

Dash board - Bentley Continental GT

Electric actuator canopy lift

Electrics and Electronics

Engine connections

Engine extractor manifold and exhaust system

E- Stopp electric hand brake - current project

Flatshifter and steering wheel - paddle operated gears

Heat and vent

Lighting mods

Original frame and axle

MGTF swinging arms and disc brakes- foot pedals

Powder coating

Quaife reversing gearbox

Quaife to chain converter - Quaiff to BMW propshaft

Steering box conversion

Wheels and tyres


170 amp new external alternator

Modified to take independent rear suspension through a limited slip differential

Original fixed axle and frame set up before conversion